MiVoice 4422 IP Phone

MiVoice 4422 IP Office is a mid-range IP telephone, offering the functionality needed for users working in high-efficiency business environments.

The MiVoice 4422 IP Phone is also well suited as a convenience phone in public/service areas.The built-in loudspeaker enables users to do voice monitoring e.g. listen to tele services (voice response systems, news, etc.). With the adjustable supporters and adjustable contrast, users may adjust the phone and the two-row display for various lighting conditions.

Features :

  • Features a two- row graphical display
  • 13 keys with LEDs
  • Call list (local)
  • Monitor speaker
  • 2-port Ethernet switch (to share a LAN cable/port with a PC)
  • Headset port (with dedicated headset switching key)
  • Power over LAN support (according to IEEE 802.3af)
  • User mobility (log-on and call)
  • User settings via web browser
  • Multi-codec support
  • Multi-language support
  • QoS support (incl.QoS statistics available via WEB browser)
  • Branch office survivability support – i.e. automatic backup gatekeeper registration/deregistration
  • Hearing-impaired support with amplification (+6dB)
  • Acoustic shock protection