Mtel 7187 Analog Phone

The most advanced telephone in the Mitel 7100 range of analog telephones – sophisticated, practical and extremely user friendly.

The telephone incorporates a wide range of features designed to make business or home communications as effective as possible.

The hands-free speaking function, ideal for telephone and conference meetings, and the alphanumeric LCD display that can be easily tilted for a perfect view that displays the calling number, time, date and duration of call, as well as the last-dialed numbers are only some examples.

Other useful features are the integrated telephone book enabling dial by name, an integrated headset port allowing a headset to be plugged directly into the telephone – with switching between the headset and the handset controlled by a key, a mute key for switching off the microphone and redial memory for fast access to dialed numbers. Moreover, the Mitel 7187 Analog Phone also features up to 14 programmable function keys that can be used for speed dialing and service requests.

In combination with the function keys, a blue LED provides message waiting information. The message waiting function is controlled by the telephony system. For hotel environments, programming of the function keys can be locked to prevent undesired changes by users and guests. Additionally, the phone is equipped with an extra line/data port for easy connection to a PC modem or fax. Also included is an alarm-clock feature with reminder and wake-up signals.